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Hacks to Improve Motivation

Do you struggle to stay motivated?

Do you find yourself having every intention to change for the better but fall off track?

Let's specify having intensions vs living intentionally.

Our intentions are our thoughts about what we should and shouldn’t do. On the other hand, living intentionally requires action. Our thoughts are meaningless without action.

Follow these hacks to improve your motivation and turn your goals (intentions) into action (intentional).

1. Identify your “Why”

It’s easy to say what you want or how you plan to get there, but the WHY is the true motivator behind the goal.

Let's say your goal is to lose weight. That’s your "what." Your "why" might be in order to play more with your kids or feel confident in a bikini. Attaching that “why” puts motivation behind your weight-loss goal and you're more likely to follow through.

2. Speak it into existence.

Tell someone your goals. Utilize your friends and family who want to see you succeed. They'll hold you accountable when you fall off track or need extra motivation.

Call up a friend and talk about those New Years resolutions. You are far more likely to achieve your goals once they're out in the open.

3. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend.

Be your own hype girl! Self-talk is so powerful but we're naturally hardest on ourselves. We need stop putting yourself down and practice positivity.

You might find you become less and less critical of yourself and even allow your insecurities to shrink so that you can shine brighter.

4. Set a timer to complete a task.

Do you normally getting lost in the sauce and lose track of time and have multiple unfinished projects? Your productivity will skyrocket just by blocking time on your calendar for specific things.

Try setting a timer for each activity to finish in a realistic timeframe. Watch as your time management improves and are able to stick to a schedule better.

You might find that you’re more productive under pressure and motivated to finish the task at hand.

5. Set consequences when you don’t complete a task.

This is negative reinforcement and a strong motivator.

Let's bring it back to grade school days - if you misbehaved you sat in time-out while your buddies played. Same goes for adulthood!

Say you missed a deadline. You might cancel a night out to finish your work.

Or maybe you blew off a workout. Instead of sleeping in on Sunday, you make up for it.

6. Set rewards for tasks you complete.

This is positive reinforcement that sends the brain good vibrations, motivating you to keep doing those good things.

Maybe you finish a work task early. Reward yourself with an extra half-hour for lunch.

Maybe you eat clean all week long. Reward yourself with a celebratory treat. #balance

Setting rewards for a job well done is guaranteed to improve motivation and help you to keep living intentionally.

7. Keep long and short term goals logged on a checklists.

Write down daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even longer term goals you hope to achieve.

Re-evaluate them often, shift gears if necessary but keep that list, look at it daily and continue to keep your eye on the prize.

This will keep you focused, accountable and your motivation high.

Turn those thoughts into action and try these hacks to live intentionally day after day.

⭐️ What are some hacks you practice to stay motivated? Big or small?

Share with the fam ways you live intentionally to achieve your goals.

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