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Superfoods = Super life!

Build a healthy immune system with 6 superfoods you can easily incorporate into your diet.

The body is naturally equipped to protect you, and like a good soldier, fights on your behalf daily.

Your white blood cells in particular are known as immunity cells whose job is to fight bacteria, viruses and other foreign germs. Now more than ever, as COVID-19 continues to be a global issue, it's important to take steps to support your body's white blood cells.

Below are 6 simple foods to add to your diet that will support those immunity troops.

1. Ginger

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that not only aids in weight loss and lowers blood sugar but also helps chronic disease and indigestion.

You can easily slip ginger into your morning smoothies, tea and soup for a tasty zing.

(Check out Green Monster Smoothie Pops in Aly's Kitchen for a ginger-rich recipe.)

2. Citrus fruits & berries

Fruits like lemons, limes, and berries are packed with Vitamin C which is known to create white blood cells that fight viruses.

When you shop, whole fruits are better than canned or processed bottled juices. Packaged fruits typically are high in sugar, which can actually decrease white blood cell function, harming your immunity.

3. Turmeric

This is a very powerful antioxidant from a root used nearly 4,000 years ago for medical practices.

Use turmeric with healthy fats like fatty fish, nuts, and avocado to make its bioavailability higher and easier to absorb.

Recipe suggestion: (Found originally from American Institute for Cancer Research)

Turmeric & Ginger Hot Cider


  • 1 cup apple cider

  • 1 tsp grated fresh ginger

  • 1 tsp grated fresh turmeric

  • 1½-inch by ½-inch strip lemon peel


  • In a small saucepan, combine cider, ginger, turmeric and lemon peel over medium-high heat.

  • Heat until a ring of bubbles appears around the edge of the pan – about 3 minutes.

  • Cover pan and set aside to steep for 5 minutes.

  • Pour hot-spiced cider through a tea strainer into a mug.

4. Cruciferous Veggies

These are powerhouse vegetables that are known to have cancer fighting abilities. This family includes broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and kale that are some of the most nutritious greens found in your grocery store.

They are also packed with vitamin A, C, and E which help "turn on" immune functioning cells, increase autoimmunity and even protect against cancer.

If eaten raw, these veggies can cause bloating and gas but you can sauté, oven roast, or air-fry them to break down fiber. Vinegar and lemon juice can also break down these fibrous veggies and add a tasty twist.

5. Garlic

Start loading up your meals with garlic folks because it contains compounds known to boost white cell function called allicin which helps fight viruses.

Tip: to activate allicin best, use the whole garlic clove rather than powder.

6. Yogurt

This dairy-based food is rich in probiotics which is healthy bacteria used to keep your gut happy, regulate your digestion track, and boost a healthy immune system.

Yogurt is full of vitamin D and has many other benefits like building strong bones and teeth, but if you're sensitive to dairy, there are other foods with probiotics such as kefir and sauerkraut.

Aim for yogurt that has no added flavors and sweeteners. Instead, add berries and local honey for a naturally sweetened taste that's macro friendly too.

Foods to avoid:

Now that you know what can boost your immune system, time to cut down on the stuff that deplete it.

  1. Alcohol - known to block immune pathways for defending infections.

  2. Sugar - reduces the effectiveness of white blood cells that fight against bacteria.

  3. Processed foods - high in saturated and trans fats, sodium and refined sugar which leads to obesity and decreased immune function.

Immune boosting takeaways:

1. Focus on consuming more vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods loaded with vitamins and minerals.

2. Vitamin C, D, A, and E are crucial for a strong immune system and found throughout these superfoods.

3. Decrease alcohol, sugar and processed foods.

4. Shop for fresh produce over canned, frozen or processed food because you get the most out of your foods when you eat from their original source.

Prepare your body and fight against viruses by incorporating superfoods like these in addition to adequate rest and exercise to strengthen your immunity troops.

Check out more health and wellness tips from other AGF Blogs like "5 Steps to Building Your Relationship with Food".

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