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Believe in Miracles and be one with the Universe

Have you ever wanted something so badly but the little voice in your own head speaks up and you decide to just "hold it off?"


We often miss out on opportunities because of excuses and self-doubt. The window of opportunity closes and we wait for the next like an exhausting, endless cycle. I will tell you friends, nothing is more empowering than jumping into an opportunity that makes you feel alive.

"Most answers reveal themselves through DOING, not thinking." - Jen Sincero, Author of You Are A Badass

This is a trial by error kinda life we live folks, so jump out of that comfort zone and try something new. Stop thinking and start doing. Turn your favorite hobby into a career. Ask the cute boy on a date. Try ballroom dancing. Whatever makes you feel awesome - do it!

This is my website,, brought on by believing in miracles and trusting the Universe. I took a terrifying leap of faith and ended a wonderful and happy life coaching group fitness at Equinox in Boston to begin a new chapter in Destin, FL. Quarantine changed everything in March 2020 for everyone but especially the fitness industry forcing instructors, personal trainers and small business owners to think creatively.

I needed answers, ideas, INCOME! 😂

I began to look for virtual entrepreneurs and was inspired by online mentors who chose to "pivot" during hard times, not wallow in depression. Thankfully, I have never been that kind of girl to stay down when I'm kicked.

Fast forward and Aly Gray Fitness is born - a true miracle after all of the ups and downs during the process. This miracle has been brought on and ulitmately supported by the amazing men and women who trust in me to coach and lead through my online services. Thank you so much, Crew!

On this platform, you will find a combination of challenging workouts, a community of like-minded badasses, self-confidence through fitness, and my 100% commitment to improve your way of life. That is my promise to you!

Remember to believe in miracles and be one with the Universe.

Get fit with me from the inside out!



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Hi, this is just an additional information from me. Many people believe that miracles have the power to bring about positive change and provide hope in times of adversity. Some believe that miracles are a divine intervention, which can help people to overcome seemingly impossible situations or health problems.

Miracles are often associated with healing, and some people believe that miraculous healings can occur when medical interventions fail. This can provide comfort to those who are suffering and give them renewed hope.

Additionally, some people believe that miracles can bring about a sense of wonder and awe, inspiring individuals to develop a deeper sense of spirituality and a closer relationship with the divine.

Ultimately, the perceived benefits of miracles are…

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