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10 Fun Facts About Exercising You May Not Know

It's no secret that exercising is good for you - find out the why behind this active medicine!

1. Exercising helps you produce more brain cells.

Cardiovascular activity actually enhances brainpower. Fitness is just as much mental as it is physical, so get moving and grow that brain, sister.

2. Exercise reduces signs of aging.

Keep your booty tight and goals in sight, right?! People with a regular workout routine show less signs of aging! Plus, those who don’t regularly exercise can lose up to 80% of their muscle strength by age 65. Find a workout style that works for you and be consistent for a long-term youthful look.

3. Music improves workout performance.

Jam out to your favorite tunes while you workout and improve performance on average by 15%. In my opinion, music is critical to a successful workout because it sets the mood. Follow me on Spotify to find my favorite tunes and class playlists here!

4. Exercise makes you less likely to get sick.

We need exercise more than EVER during this pandemic. So get active and boost your immune system for a healthier living. Try Aly On Demand if you need a little motivation!

5. Exercise can improve your skin.

As you sweat, your body pushes out dirt and clogged pores which can reduce breakouts and leave your skin glowing - and not just from the sweat 😜

6. Exercise improves your sleep.

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Use supplements or sleep aids to get through the night? Exercise helps clear your head and release energy in order to fall asleep more relaxed.

7. Improve your memory with exercise!

For real! Exercising produces the cells responsible for learning and memory. As you workout more and more, pay attention to how your knowledge and productivity improve.

8. Exercise to burn even when you rest!

Your metabolism stays elevated after you're done exercising, helping you burn more calories even at rest. Do you often see highly active, usually skinny-miny people, eat a boat load? It's because they are continuously burning calories off the gym clock. Try elevating your metabolism by making fitness a priority everyday.

9. Exercise makes you less prone to injury.

Here's my tip: There are so many benefits to cross-training. Trying different sports or workout styles to stay active. Typically, people who cross-train are less prone to injury than people who do the same type of exercise regularly.

10. Feel more confident with exercise.

You are a boss babe (or dude) and have the confidence within! It's a fact - plus Elle Wood stands by it; working out spikes endorphins, rejuvenates your body and helps boost that self-love. ❤️

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