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  • What is the first step in creating a workout plan for me?
    First, I need to know if you desire a custom home OR gym workout plan! Upon purchasing, you will automatically recieve the General Nutrition E-Guide and a short questionaire about your fitness needs. Don't worry, if you have minimal home equipment, we will get creative!
  • How do you send plans out to clients?
    We will share a google doc form where each new plan is added and progress is tracked biweekly. All updates to your plan will be sent on a consistent time and day. Updates and changes will vary depending on personal check-ins.
  • How soon should I see results?
    I provide the road map, you must put in the work. Each plan is tailored to your goals and realistic timeline to achieve that goal. Typically clients see results within the first month on plan. Each client is unique so personalized emails are welcome.
  • Are there supplements I should be taking?
    Supplements are not required, however, I recommend digestive enzymes, vitamin C + D and Omega 3. Protein, pre-workout, and BCAAs are additional suggestions that I recommend from (use code "ALYGRAY" for 15% off your order!)
  • How often do you send workout and/or nutrition plans?
    New workout plans are sent either weekly or biweekly depending on progress and workout split. Nutrition plans are monitored and updated weekly based on check in photos and weight
  • I am not comfortable sending progress photos so how will you monitor my progress?
    Clients are not required to send photos, however, it is the best form to track progress so even if you do not send photos to me, take photos for yourself and save to reflect on privately. As an alternative, I will request body measurements and weigh-in on a weekly basis. This is a scheduled and REQUIRED part of training with me in order to stay accountable.
  • I am a beginner in fitness, do you create plans for beginners?
    I have clients at all levels of fitness! Never too late to begin. Email for additional inquiries.
  • If I join a 1 month plan and choose to stay a member longer, is that a possibility?
    100%! If you are on a single month plan and choose to rejoin for another 1-6 months, conclude your original plan and simply purchase the new plan for continuoius workouts on schedule.
  • I am trying to gain weight and muscle/ lose weight and get toned… etc. Can your plan get me there?
    Whatever your goal, I am determined to get you there with the proper tools, motivation and workouts customized for your body and your end goal. Email for specific inquiries!
  • I do not belong to a gym, however, I have at-home gym equipment. Can you provide a workout plan that works for me?
    YES! No gym, no problem. For clients with limited equipment, I just request emailed photos of your home gym or individual equipment so your plan can maximize your tools available. Each workout is challenging and guaranteed to target your needs.
  • What is your cancelation policy for personal training sessions?
    For virtual or in person 1:1 sessions, any cancelations or reschedule requests within 12 hours of your session will be charged the full session rate.
  • How do you manage biweekly client check-ins?
    You will have access to your shared google doc with ability to add personal notes, progress photos, measurments and pictures for tracked progress. Clients will have access to my personal email for additional questions and check-ins as well.
  • I would like demonstration videos for some of the workouts on my plan. Do you provide those?
    As your coach, I am happy to send video demonstrations for clarity but first check the exercise bank that all clients will have access to for stored video demonstrations for each exercise. Feel free to check my IG for pre-recorded home or gym exercises as well! If there is an exercise you cannot find, email me directly at
  • Where can I tune into LIVE classes?
    Live classes will be held on Zoom and recorded for later viewing On Demand and FREE to AGFitFam members. If you are not a member, classes are $5 to pay and play. LIVE class password is always "ALYGRAYFIT" Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on new class updates!
  • What all is included in the AGFitFam membership?
    Unlimited access to Aly On Demand - Extra classes and courses are available for members inside your unlimited channel! Aly's Kitchen - an online cookbook that grows weekly! I add my favorite homemade recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets and savory treats that are broken down with macros split, instructions, and even chef's notes so you can eat your cravings without the guilt! Home & Gym Exercise Vault that delivers over 140 video demonstrations of exercises you can do to build your own workout plan. A private AGFit Group on the Fit By Wix app to stay updated and connected to me and the Fit Fam to help you be accountable and focused on your goals. LIVE class invites every week!
  • How long do I have access to a class after I purchase from Aly on Demand?
    Once you purchase a class, you have 24 hours to use the credit. I recommend joining the AGFitFam for unlimited classes with unlimited streaming access. Start your FREE 7-day trial today!
  • Can I categorize Aly on Demand classes for my interests?
    YES! If you want boxing, cardio, weight training etc, there is a drop down option to pick your preference. If you are a monthly member, you also have access to the "Exercise Bank" where 130+ videos can be categorized by upper body, lower body, core and cardio.
  • I've signed up for the AGFitFam but being prompted to pay for a class. What am I doing wrong?
    Once you sign up for the AGFitFam, you must log in with the email you subscribed with. There are log in buttons located at the top of each page. Once logged in, you have unlimited streaming access to the entire library of classes and Aly's Kitchen cookbook.

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