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My Go-To Supplement Brand

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

A common question for a fitness enthusiast is "what supplements do you recommend?" So, for anyone searching for the best product, let me point you in the right direction.

If you're like me, then you've tried every protein, pre-workout and BCAA blend on the shelves. I was never satisfied until I found Blue Ribbon Nutrition.

As I shopped around, I would find that so many brands cut costs by building their product with proprietary blends and energy matrixes. The labels weren't transparent and they didn't deliver the results I wanted. Blue Ribbon Nutrition, however, gives no surprises and sell true quality products! Read about why I only suggest BRN to my clients, friends and family.

Because I'm all about those gains!

Blue Ribbon Nutrition's ISO PRO is the purest whey protein isolate powder available on the market. It provides 25g of fast-absorbing, high quality protein in each serving and is 99% lactose free and sourced from US dairy farmers using hormone-free milk only.

This whey also contains less than 1g of total fat per serving to help promote lean mass building, unlike the typical 4-8g in other protein powders.

I get creative with my protein and mix it in smoothies, overnight oats, baking goods, and coffee drinks! If you're wondering, chocolate is my favorite.

What are BCAA’s and why are they important?

These are essential amino acids made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. It's a supplement I take daily and recommend to my clients to help push through difficult workouts by preserving muscle glycogen storage and aid in muscle growth and endurance.

AMINO+ has an added electrolyte blend and glutamine to help maximize recovery and minimize fatigue so you'll feel refreshed during an active week.

This pre-workout raised the standard for all pre-workout supplements. I rate it 10/10 for quality and taste!

There are no proprietary blends, energy matrixes, or false labels here, plus it tastes SO GOOD!

Blue Ribbon Nutrition does not cut corners - they want their customers to know exactly what is going into their body. This Pre is scientifically engineered to give you the correct amount quality ingredients for the ultimate pre-workout kickstart.

I love taking this supplement before live classes for increased energy, strength, muscle endurance, and mental focus to crush the workout! For my clients who are sensitive to caffeine, I recommend taking a half scoop and only for AM workouts.

I am always stocked up on my Blue Ribbon Nutrition supplements!

If you have been searching for a brand that satisfies your needs, give BRN a try - use my discount code "ALYGRAY" for 15% off plus free shipping!

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