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Workout Warrior Challenge

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In this 3-week course, sweat sexy and strengthen your mind and muscles in each class. We will target specific muscle groups to maximize your express workouts to the fullest! Join for 9 dynamic classes guaranteed to build your weight training skills, increase your love for fitness, and spike your endorphins day after day! Here is your 9 Day class course: Day 1 - Booty Builder Day 2- Sexy Shoulders Day 3- Guns & Buns Day 4- Lower. Body Beat Down Day 5- Above the Belt Burnout Day 6- ABC (Arms, Butt, Core) Day 7- Thicc Thighs Save Lives Day 8- Amazing Arms Day 9- Total Body Tone (Aly's recommendation - take 3-4 classes a week and enjoy adequate rest and recovery days!) Equipment required: For lower body workouts - 1 set of medium to heavy dumbbells For upper body workouts - 1 set of light to medium dumbbells This course was taught live for all fitness levels, ages and gender. ALL are encouraged to join this challenge and train their bodies in new ways. Once purchased, this course is yours for life to take as many times as you want! Get fit with me and become a Workout Warrior Today!

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